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17 May 2019, 13:58 UTCAgreed. Blogging is not hard to do yourself. Medium can DIACF.

I agree with everything here:
In case that goes away, brief summary:

Can we all please stop using Medium now?
Paul Anthony / May 16, 2019
Posted in: Opinion

    Facebook Twitter 

Medium is cancer. A trojan horse. It’s Facebook. But for blogging. A walled garden behind which all your favourite content lives,
and yet you are forced to login via their shitty UI, or worse still pay for access.

When did reading stuff on the web become pay to play?


25 February 2019, 5:13 UTCScientific method in everyday life.

Why not bounce ideas of each other (in a non-threatening way) - leave that up to you to decide what that is.
Come back later, and add up / subtract POV that affirms / dis-affirms both views.
and then re-assess your POV.
But, most imoprtantly: Make sure to include a Libertarian in your discussion as a control group


14 February 2019, 17:15 UTCCaution! Fragile! Code may break other code!

So found this gem in a recent Windows update:

After installing this update, the Event Viewer may not show some event descriptions for network interface cards (NIC).

If you break something as basic as logging events with an update...
I am not sure if I trust other regression testing being done.


27 November 2018, 22:13 UTCMicrosoft (translated) outage message:

Warning Multi-Factor Authentication - Investigating

SUMMARY OF IMPACT: Starting at 14:25 UTC on 27 Nov 2018, customers using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
may experience intermittent issues signing into Azure resources, such as Azure Active Directory, when MFA
is required by policy. Impacted customers may encounter timeout errors.

CURRENT STATUS: Engineers continue to restart backend services responsible for processing Multi-Factor Authentication.
Initial investigation indicates that some MFA authentication requests are completing successfully and some customers may
be seeing signs of recover. In other cases, service restarts appear to provide only temporary relief, so engineers
continue to explore alternate remediation options.

NEXT UPDATE: The next update will be provided by 19:30 UTC.
Status history

We have an outage.  We tried rebooting it, but it may or may not work for you.


7 November 2018, 16:34 UTCOracle - too funny

"You need to think of Larry Ellison the way you think of a lawnmower. You don't anthropomorphize your lawnmower,
the lawnmower just mows the lawn, you stick your hand in there and it'll chop it off, the end.
You don't think 'oh, the lawnmower hates me' -- lawnmower doesn't give a shit about you, lawnmower can't hate you.
Don't anthropomorphize the lawnmower. Don't fall into that trap about Oracle."

- Bryan Cantrill - Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos (Usenix 2011)


This is also an awesome talk for many other reasons. Filesystem history, jokes, big data.
Also, why complex things should be a series of simple things, VM's, abstractions, other wonderful ideas.
Warning, you have to imagine the slides in your head (as the camera does not catch most of them)!
AWK puppet time theater...
Pipes, small programs, and Don Knuth...


5 October 2018, 16:50 UTCHey Apple!

Why do you have a T2 chip on your shoulder?


4 October 2018, 21:02 UTCWorkarounds in PHP/Apache development.

You can work around bugs in PHP with this simple rule:

Increase memory limits and or timeouts

It ceases to be a code problem, and now becomes a server problem.


22 February 2018, 15:38 UTCGot it....

Another thing. If you have a stupid pop-up every time a person uses some
functionality of the site that says "Got it", it looses meaning.


12 February 2018, 20:54 UTCCSS used for stupid reasons

This has no reason for being:

text-transform: uppercase

Unless you want your content to be changed based on the web browser in use.
That is all.


25 October 2017, 4:12 UTCThe E-4

Ripped off from here: https://www.humoretc.com/mhcontent/e4.php

The Creed of the Specialist
Courtesy of Suzie S.

No one gets away with more than I. I am a non Non-Commissioned Officer, a beast of burden.
As a junior enlisted soldier I realize that I am a member of an under appreciated, much
chastised group of soldiers which is known as the ribcage, or perhaps pancreas, of the Army.
I am proud of myself and my fellow Specialists and will continue to bitch, whine and sham
until the absolute last second regardless of the mission at hand. I will use my grade and
position to avoid responsibility, accountability and any sense of presence of mind.
Ignorance is my watchword. My two best excuses will always be on the tip of my tongue
"I didn't know," and "It wasn't me." I will strive to remain invisible and unavailable
for details. Never ever volunteer for anything is my rallying cry.
I am aware of my role as a SPC and if you need me for anything, I'll be on appointment.
I know the other soldiers, and I will always refer to them by their first name or in some
cases derogatory nickname. On weekends, or days off I will consistently drink myself into
oblivion, and I will never answer my phone. I understand that for a person in my hierarchal
position, rewards are going to be few and far between, and punishment
will always be swift and severe.
Officers of my unit will have maximum time to accomplish their duties, because I will be
accomplishing them for them. I will kiss up to their face and badmouth them behind their back,
just like everyone else. I will be loyal to those with home I serve, provided there's something
in it for me. I am the last bastion of common sense that stands between me and the Army
philosophy of "Work Harder, Not Smarter." My voice is a tool and my complaints are a weapon
that I wield with unmatched skill and finesse. I will not forget, nor will I allow my comrades
to forget, Specialist is the greatest rank in the Army and rank has its privileges


28 September 2017, 19:41 UTCSpam filter services - 421 on supposed bad HELO/EHLO
28 September 2017, 17:11 UTCThanks Microsoft - easy peasy:
1 August 2017, 20:42 UTCYou email good.
6 July 2017, 16:24 UTCSenderbase - stupid by design.
9 June 2017, 19:37 UTCKnocking S.E.O. - search engine "optimization"
3 December 2016, 7:37 UTCIt's a trap!
3 December 2016, 7:22 UTCchangelogs - Yes, you have to not edit it.
5 October 2016, 4:17 UTCThanks Pieter!
23 September 2016, 13:11 UTCSlack system status (sort of)
25 July 2016, 15:48 UTCSystemd / Journald - bravo!
3 September 2015, 5:04 UTCФедеральная служба по надзору в сфере массовых коммуникаций и связи
27 August 2015, 4:58 UTC- News flash - Google / Github / (add more later) / does not support the open web!
4 November 2014, 5:23 UTCI see what you did there...
3 October 2014, 5:21 UTCWho owns it?
28 September 2014, 5:47 UTCDid you think that...
8 September 2014, 5:37 UTCGoogle "Advanced search"
7 September 2014, 5:16 UTCIf you want to be understood, please speak clearly:
20 March 2014, 14:45 UTCPlease do....
5 November 2013, 20:01 UTCMartyr -
11 September 2013, 3:06 UTCReligion... seems to be an echo from the past generation.

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