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9 June 2017, 19:37 UTCKnocking S.E.O. - search engine "optimization"

So, SEO, is that not just adding another A to the first part of the company name,
and then helping them put a listing in the yellow pages?


3 December 2016, 7:37 UTCIt's a trap!

Don't you know that the un-trusted folks surrounding the herd can hear us.
The heard is not safe because they (the heard) don't fully trust or know how to trust each other.
There will still be souls that talk outside of the heard without knowing it!

There is a weak spot in thinking that all in the heard are safe. The EFF does not see it yet.
If you don't force the meet and greet and trust your key sharing partner, all is lost.
There is a low level of trust that can't be taken away or abstracted by technology.
Trust is earned on a low level - personal contact.
It can evaporate quickly if you don't have that personal level to base the ring on and hand it up.
Think of trust as a link between yourself and your closest friends.
Think of how you trust the closest friends to trust someone to trust you...
This will work. Other schemes will fail.


3 December 2016, 7:22 UTCchangelogs - Yes, you have to not edit it.

If I see another web based front end to a changelog ala blog...
that removes the pertinent data to judge if you can write code or not...
or if you are a poser that wants to make your code smell fresh...
by omitting pertinent data line the date of the post, and the changelog date...
well, I guess that is where we differ from being engineers / programmers / 'deveopers' and you become - sales.
The sales people are important, but don't let them mess with this part of your job.
If they do, they just make their job harder in the long run.


5 October 2016, 4:17 UTCThanks Pieter!

Sorry you had to go so soon.
Pieter Hintjens - aka ZeroMQ. I agree with you on the ability to live as a private citizen.
Thank you for the thought.
The [I]internet was not meant to be private, but rather hard to take out (disruptively). It would be fun to build a bit of anonymity to it that existed before we were tracked. It would be fun to work against online services - in a passive way - (and as you say, "make it simple").
That door is closing soon. Without the ability to build open hardware, we are pretty much hosed. Thanks Nadella (M$). {line I see where you are going M$. You are about as October surprise as a turd in the shoe under your bed at night.]
Pieter, Edgenet will come about.
Even if you could not be around to see it, it will come.
Thanks for inspiring me.


23 September 2016, 13:11 UTCSlack system status (sort of)

I connect (or at least try to connect) to slack via XMPP.
I know, I know, that is of the devil.
Anyway, it would seem that XMPP is not tracked properly at the system status page here: https://status.slack.com/
I have contacted support on this (to them I am guessing non-issue), and have been told to reconfigure my client.
Not that my client could not be at fault, but I find it funny when it does work some days, and not others.
So, long story short, if you rely on XMPP for some of your bots, you might not be getting the whole story.


25 July 2016, 15:48 UTCSystemd / Journald - bravo!

Good to see log lines like this:

date time hostname apache2[1476]:  *

Should be fun to parse that.


3 September 2015, 5:04 UTC Федеральная служба по надзору в сфере массовых коммуникаций и связи

Federal service for supervision in the sphere of mass media and communication
Shaddup yous.
Pravda is dead.


27 August 2015, 4:58 UTC- News flash - Google / Github / (add more later) / does not support the open web!

So, it would seem that anything outside the norm of browsers will get you blocked / limited access and or limited functionality, at these watering holes.
So, I think we should avoid them, if they are avoiding us. Lets do something better!

Github displays this for Midori - i.e. - the only game in town for RaspberryPi browsers unless you emulate...
Feel free to continually irritate the next generation of curious coders. Seems like a good idea.
Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Safari.
We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.


4 November 2014, 5:23 UTCI see what you did there...

I see what you did there, but I am too tired to do 24x7 guess what you did there.
Good luck with that (fix).


3 October 2014, 5:21 UTCWho owns it?

You do. Stay tuned....


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