This is just a place for me to easy install Citadel

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- Careful Chrome users, this search box might be "Not secure"

this software is left as an example only. It is known to be insecure. Do not install it. This is un-maintained software.
Go to for current source files that is maintained.

This is a patched version of Citadel / Webcit to work around non-released bug fixes. Use at your own risk as it might break things for you.
This only exists - for now, to get around a typo in Webcit to repair functionality in the reply all button.
install the pre-requisite packages from here: line Citadel pre-req
If that site is not working, here is the list for Ubuntu (as of 12/31/2012):
apt-get install build-essential curl g++ gettext shared-mime-info libssl-dev

Then install (as root) from here:

wget -q -O - | sh

install c-ares-1.7.5.tar.gz citadel-easyinstall.tar.gz curl-7.26.0.tar.gz db-4.8.30.NC.tar.gz expat-2.0.1.tar.gz gpl.txt libcitadel-easyinstall.tar.gz libev-4.11.tar.gz libical-easyinstall.tar.gz libsieve-2.2.7-ctdl2.tar.gz webcit-easyinstall.tar.gz