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20 August 2018, 20:53 UTCUh, yeah, good one Microsoft: Auto updating AD Sync, and wow....

Directory_Synchronization The program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted.

Stop! Don't copy that floppy!


6 August 2018, 20:02 UTCGet ready for the SegmentSmack and FragmentSmack TCP vulnerabilities.

Follow along here:
More here:
Very brief bit from -

Linux kernel versions 4.9+ can be forced to make very expensive calls to tcp_collapse_ofo_queue()
and tcp_prune_ofo_queue() for every incoming packet which can lead to a denial of service.
An attacker can induce a denial of service condition by sending specially modified packets within
ongoing TCP sessions. Maintaining the denial of service condition requires continuous two-way
TCP sessions to a reachable open port. Thus, the attacks cannot be performed using spoofed IP addresses.


31 July 2018, 22:19 UTCO Superman - Laurie Anderson

Cause when love is gone, there's always justice. 
And when justice is gone, there's always force. 
And when force is gone, there's always Mom. Hi Mom!


26 July 2018, 16:41 UTCBroken, but just wait! - High CPU usage issue in Azure AD Connect Health for Sync - update - 8/16/18
We will update this article when the new version of the Azure AD Connect is available. It is the middle of August, no article update, but updates for the AD Connect are available....
So, don't apply updates, and just wait... - at lest for the lesser AD Connect customers...
Short version for when they redact the best part of the article: (or make it a 404)

You experience slow performance and high CPU usage (reaches to 100%) issue in a machine that runs Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect Health for Sync monitoring agent. In task manger, you notice that the process MIcrosoft.Online.Reporting.MonitoringAgent.Startup uses the high CPU usage.

The issue is not limited to specific Azure AD Connect Health versions and operating system versions. 

This issue occurs because June 2018 update of NET framework 4.7.2 is installed in the machine, and Azure AD Connect Health for Sync monitoring agent does not fully support this update.

The following .NET framework update would cause the high CPU issue of monitoring agent:

.Net framework update

OS version


Windows Server 2008


Windows Server 2008 R2


Windows Server 2012


Windows Server 2012 R2







For Connect Health for AD DS and AD FS:

To resolve this issue, install the Azure AD Connect Health Agent, version that is released on July 2018.
It can be downloaded from Connect Health public documentation.

For Azure AD Connect:

A new version of the Azure AD Connect will be released soon. It will contain a fix for this high CPU usage issue.
We will update this article when the new version of the Azure AD Connect is available.

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2018


11 July 2018, 16:50 UTCBeginning of the end

So, this is how it ends.
Just now forgot how to expunge messages in Alpine
after using it for quite a few years.
P.S. it is Shift + x


6 July 2018, 5:24 UTCDuff's device

Cool beans!


21 June 2018, 20:33 UTCosquery - extensions

Need to take a read only peek at "stuff" on running systems?
osquery - considered useful. Exensions can make it more so.
Abstracting away differences in firewalls, try things out (test a theory).
They even have a Python extension:


16 June 2018, 4:54 UTCTariffs, what can we make of them.

So, the whole basis is on the current US / China (U.S. against China - tariffs)
are based on a Nixon era visit and some follow up in 1974.



11 June 2018, 4:50 UTCDigital vs analog world

Digital VS Analog

In the digital world things come " now":
 and must be responded to "now"

in the analog world,
 things come "now" and must be responded to:
 when you can compose a cogent and salient thought.


5 June 2018, 15:50 UTCMore Backups... WindowsImageBackup to a share.

Forgot to write this down the first time, so here goes.
Steps I took to ensure writing to a Samba share worked:

Writing to an ext4 filesystem.

smb.conf share level config:
  browsable = no
  strict allocate = yes
  writable = yes
  create mask = 0700
  directory mask = 0700

I had a directory owned by just the user drwx------ windows-backup
within the share itself.

I am pretty sure the key is "strict allocate = yes" to get rid of the message:
The requested operation could not be completed due to a virtual disk system limitation.
Virtual hard disk files must be uncompressed and unencrypted and must not be sparse.
The operation ended before completion.


4 June 2018, 18:31 UTCNow that Github is on the dark side, here is how to back up your new Gitlab instance :-)
31 May 2018, 19:37 UTCCheck your SSL at the door, and keep your POODLE inside.
30 May 2018, 5:09 UTCDon't give up!
8 May 2018, 15:08 UTCVery Magic! VIM needs hand holding for some sed replacments:
4 May 2018, 4:56 UTCYea! Amateur Radio gets a mention in a scientific paper!
2 May 2018, 3:53 UTCbell labs, xerox parc, (mitre?)
18 April 2018, 19:57 UTCTrusov Ilya Igorevych
29 March 2018, 21:11 UTCDrupalgeddon2
5 March 2018, 17:40 UTCMicrosoft - you don't correctly run MTA's either.
29 January 2018, 14:32 UTCThe most current Microsoft advice on configuration documentation:
25 January 2018, 17:10 UTCApple calls it (mostly) quits on the Server App...
20 January 2018, 4:00 UTCI wonder...
3 January 2018, 21:32 UTCNobody ever got fired for going with Intel/AMD/ARM (ha). - (Meltdown / Spectre) - update now including Foreshadow (SGX / Skylake and later processors only)
13 December 2017, 15:55 UTCNOC, NOC?
5 December 2017, 15:13 UTCAndroid 8.1 Oreo
15 November 2017, 18:23 UTCTimedRotatingFileHandler - don't be stupid.
14 November 2017, 5:46 UTCSystemd (resolv.conf and dnsmasq)
7 November 2017, 14:23 UTCCorporate 'the buck stops here' at CenturyLink / Level3
4 November 2017, 6:44 UTCFilesystems, files, and inodes, oh my!
11 October 2017, 16:21 UTCData just wants to be free!

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