Citadel to ax25 shim

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This is some code to talk to the Citadel text mode client and allow
the AX.25 connection to omit the keep alive that would be present
in a regular raw telnet connection.

The code is written in Python and is specific to Linux as it checks
the /proc/net/ax25 files to see if there were disconnects not
handled cleanly.

Here is a link to the current compile script - not strictly needed:
Parts of the code are taken from the Python 2.3 demo code for sockets
Here is the python file referenced below: (GPL3) -
Here is a howto on use of the program:
Here is the dirt on the packet shim for Citadel.  If Python is installed,
just call the program from the node by adding a config line like this to

ExtCmd         CItadel 1       root    /usr/bin/python python /root/ 23
(Change up path to Python as needed)

If you wan't to compile it, make a directory and put the 2 attachments in that directory and then
sh ./ to get the telnet-hack binary.

If using the binary, you can change the node line to read:
ExtCmd          CItadel 1       root    /usr/bin/python python /root/telnet-hack 23 %S

The keep-alive should now work and disconnect the session if the AX.25 drops off.
Don't forget to "telnet enable" the Citadel server via a line in /etc/inetd.conf

telnet  stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd in.telnetd -L /usr/local/citadel/citadel

That should do it.

Kelly Black