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1 January 1970, 0:00 UTC3-12-2020 Osterholm KARE11 interview:


3 April 2020, 1:40 UTCPeople to remember from all of this!

Dr. Linda Quick
Li Wenliang
Capt. Brett Crozier
Michael Atkinson
Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer (and Ziemer's team)


3 April 2020, 1:30 UTCDr. Osterholm C-SPAN 4/2/2020

Well worth a watch folks. Q and A with callers especially good.
Great resources at cidrap


22 March 2020, 16:49 UTC3/21/2020 Osterhom - The big - long - interview with Joe Rogan.

This ties so much together. Long, but well worth a watch.
Never knew forestry was so central before!


22 March 2020, 16:48 UTC3/21/2020 Osterhom - What's normal now. What's next.


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