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1 January 1970, 0:00 UTC3-12-2020 Osterholm KARE11 interview:


14 April 2020, 12:29 UTCThink differently

Some say, remove the pump handle.
Others say (rightly) that we will die without water.
So, a compromise is being looked at to pump out the water slowly from the contaminated well.
Still others say, that is the cost of getting water, so pump it out as fast as you need to.

There is an alternative. Drawing water from an uncontaminated well.

We need to consider alternatives to our "this is how we always done it" mentality.


10 April 2020, 21:09 UTCDr. Osterholm 4/10/2020

Osterholm - speaking minndakotan
Fargo today 4/10/2020 - rural strategies, lake cabins, etc... let history be your guide, but only to a point..
Great resources at cidrap


3 April 2020, 1:40 UTCPeople (and organizations) to remember from all of this - harmed by 'Tutin!

Unit on Global Health Security and Biodefense - disbanded by Trump administration 2018
Dr. Linda Quick
Dr. Nancy Messonnier
Li Wenliang
Seattle Flu Study Director Dr. Helen Chu
Capt. Brett Crozier
Michael Atkinson
Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer (and Ziemer's team)
Dr. Rick Bright
VOA - Steve Herman - reporter being sued by VP Pence over factual information
VOA (Pres Trump wants to appoint crony)
CBS reporter WeiJia Jiang - Re: 'Tutin's racist remarks "why don't you ask China"
Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Michael Atkinson
State Department Inspector General Steve Linick
Glenn A. Fine acting Defense Department IG and chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee,
Scott Atlas - in August 2020 to serve as an advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force - Atlas, whose specialization is radiology rather than public health or infectious diseases - He is described as a proponent for the herd immunity approach to the virus.


3 April 2020, 1:30 UTCDr. Osterholm C-SPAN 4/2/2020

Well worth a watch folks. Q and A with callers especially good.
Great resources at cidrap


22 March 2020, 16:49 UTC3/21/2020 Osterhom - The big - long - interview with Joe Rogan.

This ties so much together. Long, but well worth a watch.
Never knew forestry was so central before!


22 March 2020, 16:48 UTC3/21/2020 Osterhom - What's normal now. What's next.


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