Oracle - too funny

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"You need to think of Larry Ellison the way you think of a lawnmower. You don't anthropomorphize your lawnmower,
the lawnmower just mows the lawn, you stick your hand in there and it'll chop it off, the end.
You don't think 'oh, the lawnmower hates me' -- lawnmower doesn't give a shit about you, lawnmower can't hate you.
Don't anthropomorphize the lawnmower. Don't fall into that trap about Oracle."

- Bryan Cantrill - Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos (Usenix 2011)

This is also an awesome talk for many other reasons. Filesystem history, jokes, big data.
Also, why complex things should be a series of simple things, VM's, abstractions, other wonderful ideas.
Warning, you have to imagine the slides in your head (as the camera does not catch most of them)!
AWK puppet time theater...
Pipes, small programs, and Don Knuth...