Thanks Pieter!

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Sorry you had to go so soon.
Pieter Hintjens - aka ZeroMQ. I agree with you on the ability to live as a private citizen.
Thank you for the thought.
The [I]internet was not meant to be private, but rather hard to take out (disruptively). It would be fun to build a bit of anonymity to it that existed before we were tracked. It would be fun to work against online services - in a passive way - (and as you say, "make it simple").
That door is closing soon. Without the ability to build open hardware, we are pretty much hosed. Thanks Nadella (M$). {line I see where you are going M$. You are about as October surprise as a turd in the shoe under your bed at night.]
Pieter, Edgenet will come about.
Even if you could not be around to see it, it will come.
Thanks for inspiring me.