It's a trap!

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Don't you know that the un-trusted folks surrounding the herd can hear us.
The heard is not safe because they (the heard) don't fully trust or know how to trust each other.
There will still be souls that talk outside of the heard without knowing it!

There is a weak spot in thinking that all in the heard are safe. The EFF does not see it yet.
If you don't force the meet and greet and trust your key sharing partner, all is lost.
There is a low level of trust that can't be taken away or abstracted by technology.
Trust is earned on a low level - personal contact.
It can evaporate quickly if you don't have that personal level to base the ring on and hand it up.
Think of trust as a link between yourself and your closest friends.
Think of how you trust the closest friends to trust someone to trust you...
This will work. Other schemes will fail.