- wonderful customer service.

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Here we go again:
Teliax today sends us an email:
Subject: teliax notice: Your account has changed


The following changes have been made to your account: 
Your Status has changed from active to suspended

I have to love the reply-to address as well:
---- update ---
Looks like the billing system they have is a bit "too" automated!
An auto-bill fails for some reason on the teliax end, they suspend the account.
We scramble, change cards, (not easy process), wait, go back to ding the original card, wait...
(oh, did I mention wait.)....
Enter enter support ticket, and voila, back up and running 1 - 2 min later. Hmmmmm.

Voip with a high degree of customer service.
When there is a problem with your account, you should not contact the customer with a reason, you should:

1. Cut off service by blocking at your router.
2. Put up a friendly message when the customer tries to log in to find out what is happening.
The message should read something like this:
Account Closed. please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to have this issue resolved

It makes more sense than any support I could dream up.

As it turns out they re-wrote the web browser interface to the account configuration.
They were too lazy to migrate customer data, so they asked customers to do it for them by having them delete there accounts and come back as a brand new customer and sign up.
Wonderful customer service.
If we change our accounting package, we should make them do something to help us out as well.
Oh, and if you are screwing over a customer, make sure to do it on a Saturday.