Exchange and commandlets

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Command line ability with a retarded command line shell!
Should have written something more functional in VB for DOS...
But if they give you some functionality, I suppose it could be of some use.

Here is a link to how to tweak the spam filter with a good write up:
(Thanks Paul!)
In case that link breaks, here is snippit of what Paul Cunningham wrote:

 - per org setting -
Get-OrganizationConfig | fl SCLJunkThreshold
Get-ContentFilterConfig | fl *SCL*

 - per user mailbox setting -
Get-mailbox Alan.Reid | fl *spam*,*SCL*
set-mailbox Alan.Reid -SCLJunkEnabled $true -SCLJunkThreshold 3

 - per mailbox bypass -
set-mailbox Alan.Reid -AntispamBypassEnabled $true