EPA MPG and green stuff is all B.S!

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Ok, small amount of digging:

EPA says the Geo Metro from 1996 rates as follows: 37/44 (City/Highway) Carbon Footprint: 4.6

EPA says the Suzuki Swift from 1996 rates as follows: 33/39 (City/Highway) Carbon Footprint: 5.3

Unfortunately for the retards doing the calculation, this car is the same car made by Suzuki for Geo so believe it or not, this "Carbon Footprint" thing might need a bit more re-figuring. Remember, figures can't lie, but lairs can figure!

Small amount of digging out...

P.S. You might need to check up on the carbon footprint folks to make sure the math they do is slightly accurate!

-- Update - on 11/3/2011 they seem to have removed the 1996 3 cylinder Swift, but if you pull up the 1995 Swift and compare they have an even worse mis-match

Now the '96 Metro = 4.7, '95 Swift = 5.8 (somebody has a foot somewhere)...