Dirty little tricks by the NSA should not have any effect on jobs?

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Looks like a couple of e-mail providers quit due to pressure from the NSA.
But we can trust the spooks and the administration when they say that there won't be any negative fallout from the gag orders.
I feel safer already, don't you.
I hope your business is not next...

Wow, another day, and more lay-offs:
If you can't trust 'em, fire 'em.
Sucks to be a sysadmin at the NSA, but then again, the NSA sucks.
And now the suck gets handed down to employees as there will be "code" to replace the 90% of the sysadmins.
Yep, good luck with that. It has never been tried and failed.
Glad to see something will slow down the NSA, but I did not guess it would be themselves :-)

The day would not be complete without more job losses from the NSA snooping:
I suppose they say that the datacenters that Deutsche Telekom ran in the U.S. did not employ any U.S. employees?
Dropping like flies folks. Not quite a hurricane Sandy, but it might have a longer term effect.