Magento bits

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So, "learning" the Magento API, and don't want to look up on the page every time...

How to get the admin url:
- find where the magento script lives (usually bin/magento)...
php ./magento info:adminuri
(make sure to use the correct version of php for the install....)
Admin URI: /admin_123456a8a8a (something like that) and tack it on...

How to get the installed modules list:
php ./magento module:status
(does not give versions for some reason - super handy!)
List of enabled modules:
List of disabled modules:

To get the module version (this depends on the version of Magento):
Magento 1.x - might find some info in:

Or 1.x might have a table named core_resource.  - Good luck!

Magento 2.x - might have a table named setup_module with some good info.