Bracketed paste mode \e[200~ (and) \e[201~ (or) 30 7E ... 31 7E (or) ~0 ... 1~

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Middle chord not giving you what you expect when pasting?
Check to make sure some misbehaving program did not get your term in to bracketed paste mode.

More here:

In short, put junk in your cut and paste to save yourself from yourself.
To fix in a term, try reset.
Seems to happen quite a bit for me with Ubuntu 18.04 sessions (after cut and paste in that session - especially with VIM 8).
Gotta love progress. Thanks for the extra protection Ubuntu package managers. Please, screw up the
local terminal session with the stuff going on the remote session, so further cut 'n paste stops working!

Can make you think you lost the ability to middle chord paste for passwords.

Might be more to this than I thought:

You might want to consider trying: bind 'set enable-bracketed-paste off'
If that works, chuck it in your inputrc (local or globally) depends on who shares your computer :-)

A quick way to test your term is to issue:
To turn it on;
printf '\e[?2004h'
To turn it off:
printf '\e[?2004l'