Windows 10 - Updates stopped and error: 0x8024401c?

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After hammering at the WSUS server (as it seemed to be server side from all the errors I found)...
Turns out to be something on the client side.
Give this batch - (how quaint) - a shot:


It might be good to disable some crapware as well:
Good article on clean boot here from Logitech:

To check the Windows Update logs on later versions of Windows:
1 - run Powershell.
2 - Get-WindowsUpdateLog
3 - profit! (not really)

Here is something to try to force updates to happen:
c:\windows\system32\usoclient StartScan
c:\windows\system32\usoclient StartDownload
c:\windows\system32\usoclient StartInstall
c:\windows\system32\usoclient RestartDevice