Digging your own grave with Apple, but find the bugs too much to take

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Are you using the Profile Manger and Caching Server server with Apple Server 3.0?
Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Make sure this works without error! : changeip -checkhostname
---- If you don't have forward and reverse dns absolutely correct, it won't work!

2. The installer is broken. Ensure you upgrade to 3.0.1, wait, 3.0.2, before giving it a spin.
---- Choice bits like this in the changelog tell the story - "Improves sending push notifications to managed devices" - i.e. it might work now.

3. If you create a cert for push notifications, it will be broken. Generate it after all updates are applied.
---- The cert will be missing the "Company Name". Generate it from the command line, or re-generate after upgrading the Server software. I loathe the fact that they called the program "server".

4. (Currently), if you try to push apps to supervised devices and have content ratings settings at other than default levels, the "silent" install will ask for the App Store login for each and every install.
---- (Fix it by turning off the restrictions and "update info" to re-push the profile to the client.
---- I suppose you can turn it back on after it is fixed in a future release.
---- User dcherry88 on edugeek.net, I owe you a beer for that one!