Lazy Google. GASMO released a bit early it would seem.

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Looks like we have some cart before the horse.

If you get the following error when installing GASMO on a computer running Office 2013 Click to Run edition:
The Google Apps Sync operation has failed. Please re-try after re-installing Microsoft Outlook or contact your system administrator.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook says it supports Office 2013.
Fresh install this morning proves otherwise.

This thread proves it:!topic/apps/rv0Lc98-FIE

Look for the batch file in the thread if you are having issues.
As always, this might break all your stuff, so backup early and often.
The GASMO version on the site this morning (1/23/2014) does not work.
I could not get the version as they do O.S. and browser detection and would not provide me a link to the download to check.
Hey Google, someone might want to download using another O.S. and install for the poor Windows users.
Thanks for the real help Rich. Thanks to Google for creating a time waster install.