Commit to git repo on file changes. Nice one Arne Koehn! Track changes (like etckeeper does):

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Learn something new some days. Did not know about incron (or forgot).
If you need to automatically commit changed files (like configs), this looks good.
The run down in case that goes away sometime:

1.  Install incron (currently in Debian / Ubuntu).

2.  Create a git repo for the /directory/to/watch
  cd /directory/to/watch
  git init
  git add file1 file2 (up to the number of files you want to commit)

3.  Add the user to /etc/incron.allow  - the one that runs the scripts and has the repo.

4.  incrontab -e
 - add a line like this:
 /directory/to/watch/ IN_MODIFY /script/to/run/bin/
That will run on file modification.

5.  Make some changes and check it out with:
  git log