Adventure - failing can be fun. Get out there!

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This is so great. It makes the learning programming in language X the hard way analogous to the hardware world....
There is even a reference to Jeri Ellsworth and failing early and often in this video (someone else think Jerry Todd?)
Here is the real Jeri:
Here is the video I was talking about
If the vid should go away (thanks for making the internet commercial only Google).... The user name is jpkiwigeek.
Here is his bio write-up from YouTube:
I am a computer geek. Plain and simple. I am also a hoarder by nature (and nurture). These two disfunctions of the brain collide to compel me to collect computers
 - th1e bigger, the odder, the better. Some people collect Precious Moments, or stamps, or even Star Wars figurines. I collect, restore and maintain computers.
Not that long ago, I would've thoroughly enjoyed seeing an actual walk-around video showing computers like this, because all I could do was drool at a picture
 of a monstrous supercomputer on a web page. I hope that perhaps by doing this, I will let other people enjoy (vicariously) the computers that I have collected.
Or maybe I'm just kidding myself and trying to suggest normalcy in what I do.
It would seem he is from Iowa (hi from Minnesota) - Need to subscribe
If you actually want to learn a bit (simple but well done), about processors and data / address lines and power, you should watch the first 2 videos on making a z80 computer by this guy.
If nothing else, you should learn how / why the z80 is still around by the second video :-)
In closing, let me leave you with a few more Jeri-isms:
Don't be scared

Have fun

Celebrate mistakes

Don't listen to

Don't quit

I am glad there are more folks out there that are not afraid of failure and willing to perspire.

Another one for the naysayers - so they can learn as well.
François Chollet
‏Verified account @fchollet
Feb 25 2018

After much experience and experimentation, I definitely believe that one cannot teach by criticizing and pointing out faults.
One can only teach by encouraging, inspiring, and showing what to improve.

Positivity is not sugar-coating, it is fundamental to the way we learn.