Ham radio operators - back when employers let them have some fun!

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Do you have some new tech that can and should be expanded upon to go where we have not been before?
How about giving space, time, and if you can materials and know-how to some folks with ambition.

Here is how it played out back in 1963: Project Red Line 50 years on
To think with all that tech, improvising with a 100W light bulb and a couple of rocks were a part of history.

It makes you think that all the maker-labs, SIG groups, and other efforts could be better focused if we just made time to have fun.
That is what I think it should be about, but then again, I have been wrong before.
I am grateful that my boss let met set up shop in the office to test out ideas with the ham group I am involved with.
From that effort, we have pushed that envelope a bit farther. 14567.org

I think the moral of this story is:
Get out there and play.
P.S. You don't have to be a ham to play, just have an inquisitive mind. There will be a spot for you somewhere.

So I guess Cory is with the program: Go Cory! Good luck. Looks like you are up against some interesting competition Red Bull USA Creation

Thanks also to hackaday.com for pointing this out.