Should be a rant - Windows 8 sucks.

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I am joining the bandwagon.

How to turn off the stupid hybernate shutdown:
Subtitle: Better to have a "slow shutdown" than "no shutdown"
Search for "power", select "Settings" in the found applications.
Select "Change what power buttons do"
Click on the link to beg for permission to un-tick the box labled:
Turn on fast startup (recommended)

How to enable remote desktop:
Search for "cmd" (wait, did that not go away in Windows 95? - har har)...
run systempropertiesremote.exe - quaint name, should have been CamelCase :-)
You should find what you need there (unless you did not buy Pro or Enterprise versions of Windows 8!)

more to follow...

Ok, I am back. 03/31/2013 -
Even Cracked Magazine (online) says Windows 8 sucks: Cracked - Windows 8