"Raid 1" mirror in old Windows 2003 server and no boot?

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Warning: Don't do this - these are just notes for me later.
(Note to self: Hello future self).
If you have a Windows Server 2003 crufty install that won't boot after removal of the failing disk, you could try this:

------- WARNING you could break everything and loose your data this way - you have been warned ----------
1.  Remove the failed disk (and if the remaining good disk is not in slot 0, move it there).
2.  Boot SysrescueCD (or rescue disk with Testdisk on it).
3.  Convert the good disk from a dynamic disk to a basic disk (if not already).
4.  Run the recovery console for W2k3 and do a "bootcfg /rebuild"
5.  Boot in to the crufty W2k3 again and re-do the dynamic disk on the new and existing drive.
6.  As this is Windows, reboot :-)
7.  Re-do the mirror op.