OS X Server Slow Logins - remote home dir (think NFS home dir in non-mac speak) and Open Directory Auth (think Kerberos in non-mac speak)

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Check this:
When they delete this, here is the summary:
Check this file on the client:

See that it is not using ip addresses for lookups (i.e. use hostnames and dns).

If it is and or it needs fixing, change it on the server:
In Workgroup Manager, open Preferences, make sure the Show "All Records" tab and inspector checkbox is checked

I.e. make sure you can see the super secret options.... (e.g. pulldowns etc...)
Get to the Config->KerberosClient->XMLPlist

Check out the "KADM_List and KDC_List arrays", and replace ip's with hostnames.

Update the id at the bottom and save.