apache not starting, but not giving any errors?

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Might want to check if there are any errors in syslog or messages.
The apache error log might not get written to if:
no space left on device (but there is space): http://carlosrivero.com/fix-apache---no-space-left-on-device-couldnt-create-accept-lock
In case that link dies before my blog does, here is the jist:
check logs for something like this:

apache2 crit (28)No space left on device: mod_rewrite: could not create rewrite_log_lock

check for left over semaphore files:
ipcs -s

If apache is not running and you see some running as the apache user, you can
kill them off with this:

ipcs -s | grep www-data | sudo perl -alne 'qx(ipcrm -s $F[1])'

That last bit assumes the user www-data. I stole that from the comments section of the line blog linked above. Thanks anonymous poster to another blog out there! You saved me a
bit of time. Thanks to Carlos Rivero as well for the initial find on this issue.