How to get a file written and copied from a read only filesystem?

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Try some netcat:
on the host with a writable medium:
nc -l 2084

on the host with ro medium:
iptables -nL | nc 2084

The port can be any old port (above 1024 if you are not root).
2084 is just a Robotron reference.

As an update, here are a few more recipies for nc:
Read about them here:
And in case that blog shuffles off before mine does, this was was of interest to me:

Moving LVM images between machines without ssh

On the receiving end do:
# nc -l 7000 | dd of=/dev/mapper/vgfoo-lvbar bs=32768

And on the sending end do:
# dd if=/dev/mapper/vgbaz-lvquz bs=32768 | nc otherhost 7000