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So, now that I watched the nice Google series on HTML / CSS / Javascript, I wonder, why are we still in the dark ages for web development?
I think it is due to browsers being what they are.

That sucks!

If I ruled the world I would push past that, but I know that is not possible.
But some of what I understood from what I learned tonight makes me hopeful for the future (quote from Pyjams website):
"Moral of this story is as follows... there is boring (COBOL, J2EEcirca 1999, JDK 1.4, Visual Basic), there is cutting edge (Ajax libs),bleeding edge (GWT), and scarry bleeding ouch ouch ouch I am bloodyedge... Pyjamas is closer to the last extreme."
- Brian 

Having worked in the J2EE circa 1999 (and Clipper before that and Pascal before that, and C before that, and Fortran 77 before that)....

I see this as a way out from some of the madness (evolution / baby step separation of UI and dynamic content).....

P.S. Even this blog could be more fun. I currently use a form of markup that could be condensed or made more to my liking so as not to
be an impediment to my publishing information to the web. Programming could be fun again (web or - god forbid, a heavy client side application)!