Alpine mail

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To configure imap with Alpine, give this setup a spin:

- also have added this (NoRsh):

Inbox Path = {}inbox

- SMTP Server:

SMTP Server (for sending) =

*** update to the warning - if the same proxy is used for IMAP, this will fail if the IMAP uses other auth methods and the SMTP uses PLAIN.  Ugh.
(it is best to bypass the proxy if possible and use a real mail server for auth)....
(or at least consider if the proxy is returning incorrect error messages due to improper error handling and something is wrong on the proxy end of things)...
*** WARNING - if you are using a proxy which is non-secure mail server which advertises
AUTH methods that are not actually available and it does not degrade to PLAIN gracefully (i.e. errors), you will
need to disable these methods in the alpine configuration setup (via the (M)ain -> (S)etup -> (C)onfig and search for (and add all but PLAIN):
- also possibly add /user=user@domain to the SMTP Server (for sending) above - possibly also add /tls at the end...

 Disable These Authenticators        = LOGIN                                                                                                                                                           

That way you will not get stuck on the I advertise what I don't provide errors of the fake SMTP proxy server.

Drop the novalidate-cert part if you have a real ssl cert on the mail server
Update! For a much better write up with pictures, give this blog a go: