Still using Apple File and Print from Linux?

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If you are using guest access and getting failures due to CNID DB

It seems that a crashed appletalk daemon can corrupt the cdb database in the folder .AppleDB in the share, so change the share scheme to dbd
Hint on how to accomplish this (Ubuntu assumed - if you run another distro, you did not need this section anyway - ha):
Stop /etc/init.d/netatalk stop
Edit /etc/default/netatalk to have CNID_METAD_RUN = yes
Edit /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default and change your share to have cnidscheme:dbd at the end
Move the .AppleDB dir out of the way in the share
/etc/init.d/netatalk start

-- This info is old (below), and just a stopgap fix for those using cdb db scheme back ends ---
You might try moving the .AppleDB folder in the share and restarting you appletalk daemons
It seems like it can get corrupted.
If you have processes stuck in state D (i/o wait), and -9 kill is not working, you might need a reboot as well.
Here is some info on that subject

You also might want to have the clients run this in a command file (dotfiles-fix.command) or something (chmod a+x) and run - stops clients from writing .DS_Store files on network shares:
/usr/bin/defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true