New favorite lazy company: Follett!

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Every now and then, you get to pay to have extremely bad service.
Sagebrush (now called Follett) is one of those places that exemplify this behavior.

If you want help moving a database, don't ask them, just read on:

To move an InfoCentre setup from an existing server:
1.  Log in to the InfoCentre client and do a backup.
2.  From and elevated cmd prompt on the new server where you have a fresh install of InfoCentre server type the following info:
  osql -E -S".\Sagebrush"  -q"SELECT @@VERSION"
  1>restore database IC from disk='c:\recentbackup.backup' with replace

I think the rest of the document they provide might be correct, so I won't bother repeating it here.

I am still waiting on the new version they promised in the support website, but that must be a failure on my part :-)

Spoke too soon. Needed to add that the installer did not install all the icons for the application in:
So, don't be too quick to nuke the old setup!

And with my other experience with the quality upgraded server that replaces this one
(think nightly reboots to ward off memory leaks), I would rather deal with some foss stuff
created by folks that give a crap than continue with this garbage.
Here, this looks like a good one!