Wow, and I thought I was blunt!

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This is the best so far on the legacy of the LSI 1068E controller! - notice it is tagged under “piece of sh!*”:
This dude does not mince words on the lameness of the LSI 1068E controller.
Here is the link:
Looks like he is not alone:
Here as well:
Even more in 2011!:

Finally, a way to make it work!:
In case the site goes away, you need to set IT mode - Integrated Target mode via a jumper (on card or mobo).
(followed by a re-flash with the IT firmware! - how lame is that)....
I found a copy of the IT mode firmware here
Possible performance tweaks:
More perf:

If you made it this far, here is the latest drivers (thanks for taking pity on us Supermicro):

More folks saying this super duper card is crap (OEM's hosing folks):
Even more piling on: