Even better fortune!

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Har har..
As many of you know, I am taking a class here at UNC on Personality.
One of the tests to determine personality in our book was so incredibly
useful and interesting, I just had to share it.

Answer each of the following items "true" or "false"

 1. I think beavers work too hard.
 2. I use shoe polish to excess.
 3. God is love.
 4. I like mannish children.
 5. I have always been diturbed by the sight of Lincoln's ears.
 6. I always let people get ahead of me at swimming pools.
 7. Most of the time I go to sleep without saying goodbye.
 8. I am not afraid of picking up door knobs.
 9. I believe I smell as good as most people.
10. Frantic screams make me nervous.
11. It's hard for me to say the right thing when I find myself in a room
    full of mice.
12. I would never tell my nickname in a crisis.
13. A wide necktie is a sign of disease.
14. As a child I was deprived of licorice.
15. I would never shake hands with a gardener.
16. My eyes are always cold.
17. Cousins are not to be trusted.
18. When I look down from a high spot, I want to spit.
19. I am never startled by a fish.
20. I have never gone to pieces over the weekend.

Another quiz:

No Nonsense Personality Inventory
Direction: For each item, answer: Like me (L), Somewhat like me (S), or Not like me (N).
______1. I salivate at the sight of mittens.
_____ 2. At times, I am afraid that my toes will fall off.
_____ 3. As an infant, I had very few hobbies.
_____ 4. Spinach makes me feel alone.
_____ 5. Sometimes I steal objects like medicine balls and aviaries.
_____ 6. Sometimes I think someone is trying to take over my stomach.
_____ 7. I become homicidal when people try to reason with me.
_____ 8. Recently, I have been getting shorter.
_____ 9. I have always been disturbed by the size of Lincoln’s ears.
_____10. I often repeat myself.
_____11. I often repeat myself.
_____12. Most of the time, I go to sleep without saying goodbye.
_____13. It makes me a angry to have people bury me.
_____14. Gum makes me sweat.
_____15. It is hard for me to find the right thing to say when I am in a room full of squirrels.
_____16. Weeping brings tears to my eyes.
_____17. I believe in life after birth.
_____18. I like to put chameleons on plaid-cloth.
_____19. Some songs make me regurgitate.
_____20. I never seem to finish whatever I