backuppc windows and rsync

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This is where you should go:

Packaged rsyncd for Windows and instructions included!
Have fun!

Minimal setup: (backuppc server side config):

$Conf{XferMethod} = "rsyncd";
$Conf{RsyncdUserName}  = "userfromotherside";
$Conf{RsyncdPasswd}    = 'betterpasswordthanthisone';
$Conf{RsyncShareName}  = "cDrive";

Other side (Cygwin setup):

in c:\rsyncd\rsyncd.secrets


in c:\rsyncd\rsyncd.conf

check and set:

(match bits from above - rsyncd.conf has most of this already...)
This assumes you wan't to back up the full c drive from the cygwin mount point.

  path = /cygdrive/c/
  comment = Entire C Drive
  strict modes = false
  auth users = userfromotherside
  secrents file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.secrets
  hosts allow = ip list comma sep of Backuppc server(s)
  read only = false
  list = false

Now, finish with some tweaks to the Windows firewall:

File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In)
And pick the rsyncd program as well.

Finally, reload the config in Backuppc (Admin Options -> Reload)