Switch outside your control with incorrect arp table?

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So you migrated an ip from one machine to another and in the process invalidated the arp table in the upstream switch that
you don't control

You can use arping with a broadcast on the new machine to invalidate the cache on the upstream (and other switches)

Thanks for the heads up Robert!

Some have -B for broadcast (see venerable man pages):
arping -S <ip> -B

actually, carp does it like this (iputils under Linux)
arping -q -I eth0 -U <ip>
---- update note ----
Later versions of arping under Ubuntu have used the -S, so they are in line with the BSD version.
Not sure if the package name changed, or just that utility, so be warned - and heck try either version...

If you are stuck on Windows, you could try Nmap like this:
Stolen from here http://serverfault.com/questions/69890/is-there-any-way-to-arp-ping-on-windows

nmap -PR -sP <host>

Also, an nice write up here: