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Having MS Word crash on your Mac?
Delete some preference files and see if that helps!
In your home directory, nuke this one:

There are more plist files in:

Check them with this utility:
plutil -s *.plist
(or a whole home directory with this):
plutil `find . -iname '[a-z]*.plist'` | grep -v OK | grep -v "regular file"

uncompress (if binary format) and look at them:
plutil -convert xml1 file.plist

Another couple of files to delete are:
OLE Registration Database 11
Office Registration Cache 11

another issue, this time Firefox
Sometimes this gets corrupted (not sure how yet)
but causes ff 3.5.2 to crash
Here is a link to look up submitted crash reports:
Short story, just append the crash id at the end:
find them in:
~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Crash Reports/submitted

Here is a great reference for plutil (aside from a badly written man page):

More on corruption of MS Office preference files:

Even more:

Wow, nice find here:

More info on file creation date confusion on OS X here:

Best write up yet - as to why MS cranks out poo!