VMWare stuff - ide vs scsi and how to log in!

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VMWare Server 2.0.1 on Slackware 64 bit howto



rc.local Search my blog for the smtpmail.py script and you will find a generic copy there to use



Having trouble with 7b stop errors booting Windows in your vm?

Try editing the vmx file and replace the:


stanzas with:


How do you log in? ctrl-alt-del eh?

Try this ->

Or this ->
Vmware Remote Console -> Troubleshooting -> Send ctrl+alt+del

Or this -> (if using some window manager that steals your keystrokes!):
ctrl-alt-Del (but use the Del key from the number keypad if you have one!)

Getting ssl cert errors in hostd.log when you try to log in via web?

Try deleting the certs in the browser for the server and re-adding them

Getting MKS: Cannot connect to to host in the remote console?

Check for port blocking on the firewall for port 902/tcp but that might be 904 for some 1.0 version of VMWare Server.

Not able to add a vm image due to log errors and web admin falling over?

An error occurred while loading configuration "/usr/lib/vmware/settings",not all entries are being read. It is strongly encouraged that you manually inspect the file and fix any corruptions.

Make sure the "settings" file exists - touch it if not!

slow loading of the virtual machines tab?

make sure the file:

Also, you might want to be able to stop and start via a script as the old browser plugins don't work with modern browser releases:

 -- This one gives you the path to the vm's (as vmware server sees it): i.e. the [standard] bit is the secret:
vmrun -T server -h https://vmhostip:8333/sdk -u vmuser -p vmuserpassword list
 -- this one registers the vm if it was deleted from the inventory due to "corrupt vmx" or some such crap like that in the logs:
vmrun -T server -h https://vmhostip:8333/sdk -u vmuser -p vmuserpassword register "[standard] domain/server.domain.vmx"
 -- this one will - hopefully - start it again:
vmrun -T server -h https://vmhostip:8333/sdk -u vmuser -p vmuserpassword start "[standard] domain/server.domain.vmx"