Blackberry junk

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Lost the ability to get incoming mail on the crackberry?

If you are using Gmail for a provider, the RIM servers can guess the password incorrectly too many times, and lock the account from the Canadian RIM servers:
Unlock the account using this link:
Give the account setup a try after that....

If you have an internal and external server for mail flow in front of Exchange and want to make the crackberry poll the OWA mail...
Here is what you have to do:

If you can't log in to the Blackberry Web Interface for the provider at: (e.g. for Verizon) with the phone PIN and MEID

(and they direct you to set it up on the phone instead), you will first have to call and beg
for a login - note: if you don't own the phone, have the phone owner close by to validate.

After you get a login, you can add the account this way:

For the email address, type in a non-existant sub-domain (i.e. with a password.
After it fails, you can enter the details of the type of account.  If you don't, the will automatically
be taken up as the configuration (especially if it is an external IMAP server).

After you fail and get to the manual setup, you can pick Outlook Web Access and proceed normally....

Well, almost normally.  When you get more repeated failures, you should not type in the Mailbox name as first and
last, but rather use the login name for the domain a shot i.e. without the doman.

Other reasons the device can suck:

> 900 messages on the server (such a big number for a weak device!) (The solution is to delete messages, nice!)

> 5 MB attachments on messages? (The solution is to delete the messages, nice!)

> you changed your password on the mail server
(This causes you to log in to the providers web interface and
change it in the account setup so the intermediate server can pull mail for you).

> you get a certificate expired message
(the solution is to do one of three things

1 set the time sync to the provider -> options -> date and time -> update blackberry time
2 pull the battery and try again (WARNING!!! might loose settings).
3 push the service book? WTF is a service book! Go to:

 Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
 look to see if you have a service book called Wi-Fi TCP/IP Browser.
 If you don't then log into the T-Mobile BIS web site and resend your service books.

This is one of the dumbest devices I have come across as of late. You ask a server on the blackberry network of servers to poll your providers IMAP server so that the device can be told some many minutes later that you may have email (assuming one of the above events to prevent you from getting mail (and thus have to reset the connection via a web interface again and again!)....