Exchange external forward howto notes and pfmigrate (public folder migrate) rehome the public folders junk

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Remove that sucker!

Or force remove that sucker!

When you go to delete the server, does it error out saying mailboxes still exist? - force them out of the hidey holes they are in: (hint find them using find in the active directory users and computers (check the exchange tab - find where exchange home ends with (servername)).

link Delete public store with replicas

Exchange more junk

Exchange sucks

Migrate public folders:

Remove old public folders:

Ha. Where do I purchase the zero administration kit already!

Public folder troubleshooting;en-us;842273

In exchange admin: Site->Folders->Public Folders

Select the folder you want to move. File->Properties

Select Replicas Tab Add the server you want to move the folder to, remove everything else.

Click ok. You can go back in and add folder replicas for disaster recovery later.

Exchange permissions tool!

re-home step by step process

Remove first Exchange 2000 from domain;en-us;307917