Up Time in Windows (XP, 2003, 2008) - and how long has this user been logged in?

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Good way to find uptime info in Windows (assuming it is currently up) :-) - of course this does not work on Server 2008! Way to go MS! - we can find install date though and when it was last booted, I am guessing the MS engineers found the math too hard to do when it will only be up a day or two.

systeminfo | find "System Up Time"
For patched 2k8: (thanks MS, you are super cool for changing that in a security update!):
systeminfo | find "System Boot Time:"
System Up Time:            18 Days, 17 Hours, 8 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Wow! Would you look at that, 18 days! - I should call Guinness World Records...
- also check out the "Original Install Date:" Handy info for starting to guess the age of the server :-)

On Windows 2000, you are out of luck again - try this from a w2k3 machine:

systeminfo /s ip.of.w2k.server /U workgroup\administrator | find "System Up Time"

It can also show the install date of the OS as well as OS version etc - Windows 2000 - 2008! - remotely
Pity they took it out after 2003 and it did not exist in W2k.
Looks like this will work across versions: - just look for the line that has statistics since

Old info - if you don't have service packs applied, this returns a date that can be decades off!:
net statistics server

Update: net statistics workstation

When did the user log in?
 net user username [/domain] - gives last login time (misleading).
 --- and /domain is literally the word domain, not the domain name as a qualifier - noice option guys!

 quser - will show when they logged in (i.e. start of session).