Size Matters - Exchange (Jet) vs Berkeley DB

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Seems that Exchange still is limited to 75 GB server store:

Compare that to other server side stores limits:

I think I will go with the one that is able to grow to 256 terabytes!

Assuming I ever get my hands on that much disk (ha).

Also: don't forget to enable circular logging or Exchange will eat all your disk space!

Right click properties on "First Storage Group" of the victim server and check the circular logging. - Oh, and of course restart Exchange cause the settings don't mean much on the fly - of course Citadel reads changes on the fly, but that is that inferior free software and we can't expect the paid stuff to keep up :-)

And since links break, here is how to clean up space with circular logging turned off... Just make sure you have a good full backup daily. Everyone has a good full backup daily, don't we?: