MIT skunked by twinslan

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It would seem that dhcp over D-Star seems to work just fine. In re-testing our configuration ID-1 to D-Star Repeater to ID-1 with a dhcp server running on a hub on the D-Star Repeater works just fine. We were not crazy the first go around...

The gotcha we had was a blip in not reading the fine manual (upper case on the callsign folks!).

Also, if you have a Windows client, the dhcp client kinda stinks... Do this:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Might not be bad (as you are using Windows), to flush the dns cache as well

ipconfig /flushdns

By the way, pppoe works over D-Star as well using the same thin client setup (Linux box) hanging off the repeater.

Looks like Windows 10 still has this issue - to get to the network connections quickly run ncpa.cpl to change the dns servers before the flush.