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the largest construction project in St. Paul in the twentieth-century. Its use as a passenger station
 in the early-twentieth-century defined its predominant place in St. Paul much as the railroads did
 for establishing the city as a rail hub in the late-nineteenth-century. However, the decline of 
passenger rail in the United States began while the Depot was under construction, and the St. Paul
 Union Depot Company’s plans for a civic monument which would not reach its full capacity until
 1955 were never fulfilled. The last passenger train left the Depot in April of 1971, as Amtrak
 was taking over the national railroading system and moving its passenger services out of St. 
Paul. The next forty years of planning for an appropriate redevelopment of the empty Depot exemplify
 the significance of this property to the Lowertown district of St. Paul. Its designation to the
 National Register of Historic Places, both individually and as a contributing building in the 
Lowertown Historic District, herald the building’s architectural merit and its importance in
 establishing the railroad as a foundation for the growth of St. Paul and the expansion of the
 Northwest” (from The Union Depot, St. Paul, Minnesota, Historic Structures Report by Beyer Blinder 
Belle Architects & Planners LLP).